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Speech 2017-18
Coaches: Ms. Southworth 

Fine Arts Fee: $35 9-12, $15 7 and 8th (Fine Arts fees are one time only, if a student has paid the fee for the Musical or the One-Act Play, they owe $0 for Speech).

If you would like to get updates via the Remind app, please contact for information on how to do that.  If works on a computer, iPad/tablet, smart phone, or cell phone (text notifications).

Potential Speech Events:  

  All students, 7-12, are welcome to participate in Speech.

There are 13 categories or different types of speeches to choose from. Some of the most popular are: Creative (the student writes their own speech), Humorous, Dramatic Duo (short play with two people), Poetry, Discussion and Great Speeches.

The team usually attends three or four optional invitationals and before sub-sections. Most contests are on Saturday, except junior high contests and sub-section, section and state.